The vision of Maiden
Eighteen-year old Grigory did not tell anybody about his vision of Madonna and nobody knew about that, except child-hood friend Michael Pecherkina. One day they walk along Tura (river) coast. There was a solar clear day. Suddenly Grigory has heard marvellous beauty singing, has turned back and was stupefied: in air there was Presvjataja the Maiden ...         [The vision of Maiden]

Rasputin and "rasputinki"
In St. Petersburg a circle of its zealous fans was formed around Rasputin where ladies of Petersburg' light and a twilight entered. They idolised him and have made the whole retinue, having received the name "rasputinok" (rasputinettes) ...
        [Rasputin and "rasputinki"]

Rasputin and khlisty
In 1903 Grigory Rasputin has visited St. Petersburg for the first time , and in 1905 has lodged here. Its extraordinary outstanding personality and phenomenal abilities have very soon attracted general attention. The hearing about "the sacred aged man" who prophesies and cures ill, has quickly reached the society ...
        [Rasputin and khlisty]

Anna Vyrubova
Anna Vyrubova - the gentle child, the named daughter of the tsarina a vein under the strict monastic charter, private life had no at all, having entirely given on service near and suffering. Sponsored orphans, worked as sister of mercy ...
        [Anna Vyrubova]

The enigmatic spiritual power
All Rasputin witnesses mark amazing strength of mind which was on the starets Grigory. Its fine, surprisingly blue eyes very much reminded John Kronshtadtskogo's eyes. In them did not dare to look, especially liars, speculators and crafty people whom Grigory the just eye saw, clearly ...
        [The enigmatic spiritual power]