The vision of Maiden

Eighteen-year old Grigory did not tell anybody about his vision of Madonna and nobody knew about that, except child-hood friend Michael Pecherkina. One day they walk along Tura (river) coast.

There was a solar clear day. Suddenly Grigory has heard marvellous beauty singing, has turned back and was stupefied: in air there was Presvjataja the Maiden in an angelic environment, and marvellous choruses sang unusual beauty of music.

It has so sunk down to it in soul that Grigory could not even work that day though he was extremely hardworking.

Rasputin has sincerely believed to vision and on the thirtieth year of a life became the pilgrim.

He spent time in circulation on monasteries in a society of foolishes and blissful persons, has passed on foot over three thousand kilometres and has reached the Athos monastery which is in Greece ...

Source: Oleg Platonov. The truth about G.E.Rasputin