Sergey Nilus' Path to God
Sergey Nilus was always convinced that God's will is revealed to people through seemingly insignificant circumstances of their lives. By the number of his historical, protreptic and truly prophetic books Sergey Nilus managed to make unusually bright and at the same time real picture of spiritual life of Russia of his time ...
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"The Great in the Small"
Sergei Alexandrovch Nilus called his first major book "The Great in the Small". By the example of his impressions from Sarov he considered the holiness of starets (monk) Serafim not only in the light of his worship - and this worship was nation-wide - but also in his ever-growing moral influence on the wounded souls of modern people, on their enlightenment by evangelical teaching ...
        ["The Great in the Small"]

Nilus and "Protocols": myths and verity
As it is at present reliably ascertained, the writer and journalist M.V.Golovinsky is a true author of "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion". As it was established already in the decade of 1920 -30, Protocols are to the large extent plagiarism from the pamphlet of French political writer Maurice Joli "Dialogue in the hell between Machiavelli and Montesquieu of Machiavellist politics in XIXth century" ...
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