The origin of Grigory Rasputin
Grigory Rasputin was born June 29, 1871 in the village Pokrovskoe of Tiumen region. As the place of his birth was practically inaccessible for most of people wishing to visit it, there remained only fragmentary and inexact information ( the source of which was mostly Rasputin himself) about Grigory Rasputin's life in his homeland ...
        [The origin of Grigory Rasputin]

Years of wandering over the holy places
In 1893 Grigory Rasputin left his wife and children and started wandering over the holy places. In several years he visited all lavras and many of outstanding monasteries. Upon coming back to his native village Rasputin started to lead a kife of "starets" although it was far from traditional asceticism ...
        [Years of wandering over the holy places]

Arrival to Petersburg
In 1903 Rasputin visited Petersburg for a first time and in 1905 he settled here. His unusually bright personality and phenomenal abilities very soon attracted to him public attention. A rumor about "holy starets" who soothsays and cures the sick reached the highest elites very quickly ...         [Arrival to Petersburg]

Meeting with the royal family
During short time Rasputin became the fashionable and known person in capital and was persona-grata even in high-society drawing rooms. Great princesses Anastasia and Melitsa Nikolaevna together with the favourite frailine of empress Anna Vyrubova have acquainted it with imperial family. The first meeting with Rasputin has occured in the beginning of November, 1905 and has left very pleasant impression at an imperial couple ...         [Meeting with the royal family]

Plot and Rasputin murder
Rasputin very well felt the threat which has hung above it. In December, 1916, shortly before the tragical death, it has written the prophetical letter which has been issued by the lawyer and is transferred to empress, " I write and I leave this letter after myself in Petersburg, - wrote Rasputin. - I feel, that with a life till January, 1st " ...         [Plot and Rasputin murder]