Legend about Mikhailovsky castle
Mikhailovsky castle is one of the most mysterious locations of Petersburg. It was built according the order of emperor Paul the First, but Paul managed to live only 40 days in this castle, he was assassinated by his own associates in his own bedroom ...
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Summer palace of Peter the First
Construction of Petersburg was started under the shelter of Peter and Paul cathedral at the southern bank of Berezovy (Birch) island, which was later called Town, and then Petrogradsky island. Here around the first palace (or cottage) of Peter the First, low wooden house, the port was arranged, and also market square with merchants' yard, warehouses and barns, customs was built and a wooden church in the name of Holy Trinity was erected ...            [Summer palace of Peter the First]

Legends of Kunstcamera
Visit to Kunstcamera in the times when it was located in Kikiny Palaty was not simply for free. Each visitor at the entrance was suggested a glass of wine. This was because people considered it dangerous to visit Kunstcamera ...            [Legends of Kunstcamera]

Legends about founding of Winter palace
Legends about founding of Winter palace date back to the beginning of city construction. Totally in the course of history Winter palace was rebuilt five times and its today's image it got in 1762 already during the reign of Catherine the Second ...
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