Vassily Rozanov and his "unkempt thought"
"...and suddenly I perceived: idea of happiness as of supreme principle of human life is an idea, truth, irrefutable, but this is an invented idea, created by the human being but not revealed by him but not the purpose enclosed into him by nature.. This is exactly a source of suffering, caused by this idea: it deadens by itself some natural purposes, embedded into human nature" ...
        ["unkempt thought"]

Labours and days
All the main works of Vassily Vassilievich Rozanov: "Legends about Great Inquisitor", "Family issue in Russia", "Dark face. Metaphysics of Christianity", "Solitary", "Fallen leaves", "Apocalypse of our times" are associated with the issues of family and sex ...
        [Labours and days]

Contemplative wanderer - enigma of Rozanov
"On me the dirt is also good because this is - me". Only one person was able to write such words - Vassily Rozanov. Zinaida Gippius called Rozanov "a contemplative wanderer" and this probably best of all characterizes the writer, so much unlike all the others. He was exactly a spiritual wanderer, in every possible way trying not to bind his thought with literature biases and moreover - with political directions ...
        [Enigma of Rozanov]