Piotr Demianovich Uspensky - biography
Up to the age of 12 y.o he "swallowed" the most part of the available literature on natural science and psychology. Up to 16 y.o according his own evidence he decided not to seek any official scientific title but to concentrate his education at the aspects of knowledge which were outside and over the traditional areas of education. "Professors kill the science", he used to say ...       [Uspensky - biography]

Fragments of the unknown teaching
In 1915 Uspensky gets acquainted with Georgy Gurdjiev. Afterwards he will say: "At last I have found the esoteric school I was looking for in the course of 10 years". They make agreement with Gurdjiev that Uspensky will write everything he finds expedient, not concealing anything from his teaching, but only the things he himself conceives. Uspensky spends three years by the side of Gurdjiev, adopting the fragments of teaching from him and systematizing them, in fact he was forming the Gurdjiev's teaching ...       [Fragments of the unknown teaching]

Other works
Uspensky passed away almost 50 years ago but his books are still purchased and read. Six books in Russian - "Strange life of Ivan Ossokin", "Tertium Organum", "New model of the Universe", "Psychology of potential human evolution", "In pursuit of Miraculous" and "The Fourth Path" are being sold in large quantities ...       [Other works]