Other works

The author of books "Ivan Osokin's Strange life", "In search of wonderful",] , "New model of the Universe" , "The Fourth way", "Psychology and cosmology of possible development of the person" , "Conscience: search of the True", "Tertium organum. A key to world riddles.", "In searches of a new life".

The books have been translated into French, German, Spanish and other languages. At the same time his teaching which pupils of Uspensky named "Work" or "System", as well as a figure of the teacher, actually remain unknown.

According to the Uspensky, the System cannot be studied under books; if it was possible, there would be no necessity for Schools.

Uspensky has been convinced that he has lived the usial life "earlier" - in the limited sense of human understanding.

In the short autobiography he has written: "In 1905, in months of strikes and the disorders which have ended with armed revolt in Moscow, I have written the novel constructed on idea of eternal returning.

In the book "New Model of the Universe" he has connected three measurements of space to three measurements of time: "3-dimentionality - function of our sense organs. Time - is what limits sense organs. The six-measured space - a reality, the world as it is". It is possible to present Eternity by infinite number of final times ".

All the last books about System and Work have been published by the wife of Uspensky only after his death -" Psychology of Possible Evolution of the Human","In search of Wonderful: Fragments of the Unknown Doctrine" and "the Fourth Way ".

Source: P.D.Uspensky "Works"