Rasputin's outlook:
                             My thoughts and reflections
Grigory Rasputina's outlook completely keeps within the traditional representations of Russian people embodied in concepts "Sacred Russia". The main thing in it understanding of love as universe kernels, as expression Of God. "Where love, here and God. God Love". "The love is such golden dome, Rasputin writes, that to it nobody can describe the prices. It is the most expensive, created By the Lord that existed, but only a little she understands" ...
        [My thoughts and reflections]

Life of the skilled vagabond
"When I lived at first, as they say, in the world till 28 years was with the world, that is loved the world and that in the world and was fair and sought consolation from the wordly point of view. It is a lot of in transports went, much both fish caught also an arable land ploughed. Really it is all well for the peasant! Many griefs were to me: where what the error, as if as I, and I at all and" would become" ...
        [Life of the skilled vagabond]

Prophecy of Rasputin on destruction of the Russian Earth
"... Any revolution wishes to break slavery chains but when these chains are broken, already ready others. Since cave times nothing has changed and never will change, because the most artful, frequently the most corrupt always itself will impose the most artful ..."
        [Prophecy of Rasputin]

The Will of Rasputin
"I write and I leave this letter in Petersburg. I have a presentiment that till January, first I will die. I want to Russian People, to the daddy, Russian mum, children and Russian earth to punish that it to undertake. If I will be killed by the employed murderers, Russian peasants, my brothers to you, the Russian tsar, nobody to be afraid. Remain on a throne and reign ..."
        [The Will of Rasputin]