The Will of Rasputin

Rasputin wrote the following farewell letter:

"Grigory Efimych Rasputin-Novyh from village Pokrovskoe".

I write and I leave this letter in Petersburg. I have a presentiment that till January, First I will die. I want teach Russian People, to the daddy, Russian mum, children and Russian earth that needs to be undertaken.

If I will be killed by the employed murderers, Russian peasants, my brothers to you, the Russian tsar, nobody to be afraid. Remain on a throne and reign.

And you, the Russian tsar, do not worry about the children. They still hundreds years will correct Russia. If I will be killed by boyars and noblemen, and they will spill my blood their hands remain dirtied by my blood, and twenty five years they cannot wash the hands.

They will leave Russia. Brothers will rise against brothers and will kill each other, and within twenty five years will not be in the nobility country.

Russian earth the tsar when you will hear a sound of bells, informing to you about Grigory's death that know: if murder was made by your relatives any of your family, i.e. children and native will not live also two years.

They will be killed by Russian people. I leave and I feel in myself Acceptable instructions to tell to the Russian tsar as he should live after my disappearance. You should think, all to consider and cautiously to operate.

You should care of your rescue and tell your native that I have paid my life to them.

I will be killed. I any more in the alive. Pray, pray. Be strong.

Source: The Will of Rasputin