Evgeny Ivanov - puzzles of biography
There are people whose destiny is to be in the history of culture "the satellites of the great". E.P. Ivanov (1879-1942) is mostly known as a best friend of A.Blok who once said: "Because of such people live on the face of the earth, it is easier to live: they are of support" ...
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Diary of mystical life
"March 21. Today coming back from the University I have seen at Semionovsky hardstand a sort of apotheosis. It was daytime, spring weather, ? degree above zero, the sky rather cold , with clouds, but the blueness is seen, for all that of spring. And the puddles, puddles and boggy dirt with pits and bumps from the snow still not melted" ...
       [Diary of mystical life]

Babylon on Neva
Evgeny Ivanov often addressed in his notes the topic of Petersburg mystic. "And now the golden ship of the sun constantly approached the City, sitting on the waters of many rivers of Neva and its canals, pour in the sea". The city of (Copper) Horseman. Night and Dawns, changing colors, awake the Horsemen into the images of four Horsemen of Apocalypse, and the city - to the wife - fornicator sitting on many waters. The mystery of the city is revealed in floods
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