The ghost of Mikhailovsky castle
In the very end of XVIII century in Petersburg from lip to lip a prediction of holy fool was transferred, who predicted a soon death to the emperor Pavel Petrovich, while adding that he live the number of years equal to the number of letters in the saying over the main gate of Mikhailovsky castle ...
              [The ghost of Mikhailovsky castle]

The ghost of Finliandsky railway station
Almost every night in 1911 in one of the offices of the station a misty figure in white appeared. At first the office workers just laughed over their colleagues, but after every nighttime duty the number of skeptics reduced ...
        [The ghost of Finliandsky railway station]

The ghosts of Academy of arts
Among the students and teachers of the Academy of arts there is a legend about the architect Kokorinov, the famous designer of the Acasemy building and its first director, who was so much frayed and haunted that allegedly committed suicide in the attic of Academy ...
              [The ghosts of Academy of arts]

A snake from Catherine the First's dream
Several days before the arrest of enamored of her chamberlain Mons Catherine the First sees in her dream that her bed is being covered with snakes. One of them, the biggest one, falls on her, wraps in rings around her body and starts to suffocate her ...
              [A snake from Catherine the First's dream]

Prophetic dream of the sculptor
In the city folklore the legend survived about the unusual dream of the sculptor V.I.Demut-Malinovsky. In 1872 the sculptor made two colossal bronze figures of oxes which were installed at both sides of the main entrance of stockyard, built two years before at the corner of Tsarskoselskaya road and Obvodny channel ...               [Prophetic dream of the sculptor]