A snake from Catherine the First's dream

Several days before the arrest of enamored of her chamberlain Mons Catherine the First sees in her dream that her bed is being covered with snakes. One of them, the biggest one, falls on her, wraps in rings around her body and starts to suffocate her.

With the great difficulty Ekaterina manages to strangle the most huge snake. Then also all other small snakes roll down from her bed. Ekaterina has interpreted this dream so: it will be threatened with the big troubles, but eventually she leaves safe from them.

Circumstances have developed in favour of such interpretation. Peter the Great has forgiven the wife, however, with cruelty inherent in him, purposely carried impressionable Ekaterina by the head of the chamberlain chopped off and exposed on display.

Once again Ekaterina has met a prophetical dream in the end of the own short reign. On the eve of death has dreamt to her that she sits at a table , in an environment court.

Suddenly there is Peter's shade in an ancient Roman attire and attracts to the wife to itself. She obediently goes to it, and they are together carried away, under clouds. The empress throws a look to the earth and sees there the children surrounded by a crowd, consisting of representatives of all nations of huge Russia.

All of them were noisy argue. According to her own interpretation, it was necessary to die soon to Ekaterina. And after her death distempers will begin in the State.

Whether the dream has appeared prophetic, whether the legend about Ekaterina's dream has appeared later, but events of the next years have proved its interpretation.

Source: N.A. Sindalovsky "Legends of St. Petersburg"