The phenomenon of Constantine Leontiev
Constantine Leontiev's concern towards harmony of numbers was Pythagorean-like reverential. He saw in numbers the special meaning of the decades of his life: he was born in 1831; in 1951 his first literary work, approved by I.S.Turgenev, was published; his marriage which played a tragic role in his life, 1871 - a year of Epiphany, when Leontiev made his first step towards monastery, towards his work in the field of religion and philosophy ...
        [The phenomenon of Constantine Leontiev]

Byzantism and Slavdom
Philosophical treatise " Byzantism and Slavdom" is the most famous creation of C.N.Leontiev. During the lifetime of Constantine Nikolayevich it was published three times: in 1875 and then in 1876 and 1885. The thinker himself highlighted this work and was awaiting that this tractate will make him famous. But during his lifetime this dream didn't come true ...
        [Byzantism and Slavdom]

Leontiev: mystic and philosopher
"On earth everything is untrue
and not important, e
verything is even unreal,
but reality and eternity will come
after ruin of earth
and of everything living on it"

        [Leontiev: mystic and philosopher]