Leontiev: mystic and philosopher

Both, very difficult and rich with feelings and events, the life of Leontiev nevertheless amazes us with the unity. To the big simplicity, almost sketchiness of those secret forces which, passing through all his life, have caused a tragedy outcome - there corresponds with diversity of his obvious, valid life.

His life goes jumps often catastrophically, and at the same time its separate periods and feelings are long and slow. Such mental riches, certainly, valuably already in itself.

Leontiev was the doctor, the consul, the censor, the landowner, the publicist and the monk - in such variety of roles it is impossible to find the main idea - in that sense in what find it at public figures, spokesmen etc.

Less than who another, Leontiev wished to adjoin any ideological tradition, remaining the searcher of true, with rare curiosity accepting life tests and changes.

A variety of vital impressions of Leonteva very much complicates access to his ideological creativity.

As though being lost in a variety, he has managed to express transcendental essence of his mystical soul with such unity which would be inaccessible to the room-thinker.

Unity and vital embodiment - here the line still seldom meeting at modern people which hasten suit as soon as possible the life on the given type.

Poetry, philosophy, religion - such is sequence of areas which Leontiev has concerned in the lifetime creativity.

However, that triune formula which has passed both through his life and through its thought can be hardly probable named by "logic". In it there is a superlogic persuasiveness, and the main thing - a superlogical mystery.

A permanent life crisis in a background which flash suddenly, but already victoriously and it is dazzling, antinomy to all former, pleasant love to that seemed hostile and impossible, - here the fact undoubtedly inherent in a course of a life and a course of thought of Leontiev.

Source: B.A. Griftsov "K.N.Leontiev's destiny"