The first Petersburg apartments of Rasputin
Since 1903 Grigory Rasputin has replaced several living places in St. Petersburg. The most known address of Rasputin, is well-known apartment on Gorokhovaya street, number 64 ...
        [The first Petersburg apartments of Rasputin]

Rasputin's Petersburg
Palaces and restaurants, baths and monasteries, summer residences and the ministries - this is an incomplete list of "Rasputin" places of Petersburg. The circle of people close to him consisted approximately of six hundred persons of the most different estates, trades and positions in a society - from simple peasants and poor wanderers to princes, ministers, generals and bishops ...
        [Rasputin's Petersburg]

Places connected to the murder
"For muzhiks Rasputin became the martyr", - one old count, who just came back from his Volga's manor informed the tzar's government. "It was the person from the people; he forced the tsar to listen people voice; he protected the common people from noblemen. For this reason noblemen have killed him" ...
        [Places connected to the murder]