The first Petersburg apartments of Rasputin
The first Petersburg adresses of Rasputin usually were cells for wanderers at monasteries and the cheap "furnished" rooms ...

Rasputin has arrived to Petersburg in 1903 not by rail, but by foot and barefoot. He has stopped in monastic hotel as the visitor of archimandrit Feofan.

"... It was around thirty years to him. He carried a peasant shirt, the trousers filled in greased boots".

Karavannaya street, 11
John Vostorgov's apartment, the first habitation of Rasputin in St.-Petersburg

Kirochnaja street, 12
The second apartment of Rasputin in St. Petersburg

English prospectus, # 3, sq. 10
This is Rasputin's address in 1913-1914

Gorokhovaya street, 64, sq. 20
The most well-known address of Rasputin in 1914-1916.

The apartment of "aged man" in the house 64 by Gorokhovaya street where he lived, has turned to a combination of an office and a brothel.

"Since early morning till the late evening applicants crowded in a hall, and noisy feasts with plentiful drinkings often happened in rooms, often developed to real orgies.

Practically at any moment it was possible to find Rasputina in a hall, surrounded with his "schoolgirls".

One of them usually sat in a lap of him, and the aged man whispered in an ear something about "mysterious revival" and rescue through a sin.

Then he started to sing, the song was picked up by the present. Soon all started to dance a wild and mad dance.

Then the "trips" to the Grigory's "study" where there was "inner sanctum" began. Rasputin usually used such words showed the door to the lady: "Well, well, the mother, everything is all right".

Gorokhovaya street, 64
A view to the Rasputin flat' windows

Gorokhovaya street, 64
Fragment of exhibition of the memorial museum of Rasputin's apartment

Kolomenskaya street, #9
Rasputin's family appartment after his death