Rasputin's Petersburg
The circle close to him consisted approximately of five-six hundred persons of the most different estates, trades and position in a society - from simple peasants and poor wanderers to princes, ministers, generals and bishops.

Especially petty officials, petty bourgeoises, muzhiks were much. Engineers, actors entered into it, the teacher, students, sisters of mercy, lawyers, military, police...

Happened both speculators, and careerists, and villains with dirty intentions. But such folks were not kept long there.
Palace Square
Winter palace

Grigory's the first acquaintance to an imperial couple has taken place in 1905. The right to be the confessor of an imperial family Grigory has received by Saint John of Kronshtadt's blessing (which himself bore it in relation to a family of emperor Alexander III, father of Nikolay II).

Blessing Grigory, Saint John has told only: "By name to yours will be to you" - beginning to see clearly that the starets (aged man Grirory) will be slandered and accused of the same of what injustly accused him.

But almost two years has passed before the Siberian peasant began to appear in a palace more or less regularly.

In 1907 Rasputin was invited to an imperial court yard - just at the peak of one of attacks of illness at a cesarevitch Alexey. The matter was that the imperial family hid a hemophilia of the successor, being afraid of public excitements.

Therefore they refused healing services of Rasputin for a long time. However when the condition of the child became critical, Nikolay has surrendered.

Cossack lane, #11
Ermakovsky (former Egorovsky) baths

Favourite baths of Rasputin. At present a stand with photos of the well-known visitors, including Rasputin displaed at the bath's foyer.

Anna Vyrubova's house in Tsarskoje Selo

This house Grigory Rasputin repeatedly visited in the last years of his life.

Palace Square, 6
The (tzar's) Ministry of the Foreign Affairs

This house Grigory Rasputin often visited in the last years of his life.

Moayka emb., 24
Restaurant "Donon"

Favourite restaurant of Rasputin in the last years of life