Places connected with the murder
Here is what the last day of Rasputin in memoirs of his daughter, Matrena Rasputina is described:

Against usial itinerary the father was absolutely gloomy, has left to a bedroom to change clothes. I have noticed that he has chosen the best shirt - silk, with blue cornflowers - it embroidered by Alexandra Fedorovna.

About seven p.m. a call to the door was distributed. Alexander Dmitrievich Protopopov - the Minister of Internal Affairs often visiting us has come.

His view was suppressed. He has asked us to leave the room to talk to the father alone. We left, but through a door heard all.

- Grigory Efimovich, some people wish to kill you.
- I know.

When Protopopov has left, and father has told to anybody without addressing:

- I will die, when it will be necessary to God.

Then about an hour we sat in a dining room. The father has kissed Varia, then me, has wished good night, then sent us to sleep. I could not fall asleep.

I was filled with fear. Soon the house has plunged into the silence broken by a clock ticking, counting last hour of my father life in the house number 64 on Gorokhovaya street.

At the appointed time father left the house. The car, sent by Yusupov, already wait for him
Moika emb., 94
Yusupov Palace - a place of the murder of Rasputin

Office window where murderers wait for Rasputin, and cellar windows where the murder was

Big Petrovsky bridge in Small Nevka river

From this bridge conspirators, having wrapped up a fur coat to the body of the aged man, having rewound chains , have dumped Grigory Rasputin's body into the water

Pargolovo (between Shuvalovo and Lansky)
Place of burning of Rasputin's body

Anna Vyrubova's house in Tsarskoje Selo

Before funeral the coffin of Rasputin stood here for some time, and the imperial family here said goodbye to the aged man.

Anna Vyrubova's house in Tsarskoje Selo
Door through a coffin with the body of the aged man was away from the house

The only wide door in Anna Vyrubova's house that leed to a hall where a coffin with Grigory Rasputin's body was

Aleksandrovsky park of Tsarskoje Selo
Saint Serafim Sarovsky's chapel

Place of the first burial of Grigory Efimovich Rasputin.

"Rasputin has been buried in a corner of the imperial park. The imperial family has said goodbye to it also. The empress bore some white flowers; she was very pale. In a coffin the empress has put to a breast of Rasputinu an icon signed by her, the husband, the son and daughters..."

Aleksandrovsky park of Tsarskoje Selo
Rasputin's tomb

"On November, 16th, 2005 in Petersburg in Aleksandrovsky park of Tsarskoje Selo consecration of a Cross on a place of the former building of a temple of Saint Serafim Sarovsky and Grigory Efimovich Rasputin's first burial place has taken place."

Aleksandrovsky park of Tsarskoje Selo
Rasputin's tomb

In the centre of the Cross established on a place of a burial of Grigory Rasputin, sacred Saint Serafim Sarovsky's icon settles down.

Sources: Rasputin's tomb and Rasputin's expedition