The ghost of Mikhailovsky castle

To the south from the Summer garden one of the most mysterious and gloomy constructions of a city - the Mihajlovsky Castle rises.

Its history is full of mysticism, as, however, both a life and death of its owner - the Russian emperor Pavel I who was tragically lost in the new palace. At the very end of XVIII century in Petersburg by word of mouth transferred a predictionof one blissful, predicted to emperor Pavel Petrovich a close death, adding what Pavel will live on the earth so much years of how many letters in the saying text over the main collars of the Mihajlovsky castle is.

That inscription said: "the DIVINE RELIC TO YOUR HOUSE in the LONGITUDE of DAYS".

When people have counted letters their number has coincided with quantity of years which were lived by the unfortunate emperor.

The inscription has disappeared later on, but on a frieze open country over Voskresensky collars there were labels from fastening of mystical signs.

Say that till now at the nights on a palace the shade of the killed emperor with burning candle in hands walks. And in booming premises and castle' transitions the parquet mysteriously squeaks, and inexplicable clap doors ...

And, following a private rule, modern inhabitants of the castle, employees of Russian museum, come off affairs, turn in that party, whence sounds reach, and silently say: "Good night, your Majesty".

Source: N.A. Sindalovsky "Legends of St. Petersburg"