The ghosts of Academy of arts

Among the students and teachers of the Academy of arts there is a legend about the architect Kokorinov, the famous designer of the Acasemy building and its first director, who was so much frayed and haunted that allegedly committed suicide in the attic of Academy.

Since then every night in the evening silence not clear sounds there are distributed. On hearings, it is a phantom of the architect wanders on attics and ladder transitions...

But it is not all. One more phantom was to the main collars of the same academy at night, during rising of water in Neva.

On a hail of the door-keeper: "Who knocks?" it was whether a wind roar, whether a water roar, whether a voice human in the answer.

But if to listen attentively, it is possible to disassemble about the following: "I knock, I am a sculptor Kozlovsky, from the Smolensk cemetery, all has iced over in a tomb ... Open !".

Source: N.A. Sindalovsky "Legends of St. Petersburg"