Life of the skilled vagabond

This text written in 1907 is considered as the main written creature of Rasputin.

"In pilgrimage I had to transfer quite often any troubles and misfortunes. So it was necessary that murderers undertook against me that different there were pursuits. But in all was favour of God!. From a lodging for the night I left since half-night, and the enemy, as it envious to any good deeds, sending any stool-pigeon; he will get acquainted and something takes from the owner, and for me a pursuit... And all it is endured by me, and the originator immediately founded.

Not once wolves attacked, but they ran up. Predators not once attacked - wished to gather. I told them: "It not mine, but all id God's. You take from me - I to you the assistant. With pleasure I give. It something especial will respond in a fit of temper them; they will think and will ask:" Whence you, also what such with you? "-" I the person sent by him, the brother to you and betrayed to God ".

Now it is sweet to write, and in reality it was necessary to endure all: I went on forty-fifty versts a day and did not ask for neither storms, nor a wind, a rain.

I seldom had to eat... Had with itself no capital and did not beg for ever. But it is necessary ... God will send, with a lodging for the night will start up - here and I attempt. So not once came to Kiev already from the Tobolsk. How many holy sites visited!. "

So Grigory Efimovich told about the antecedents to spiritual children. They carefully copied all heard - word for word - and carefully stored as a relic.

In the book Grigory Efimovich described the spiritual experience received in wanderings. It is impossible to read some fragments without deep excitement:

All life washing there were illnesses. Any spring I till forty nights did not sleep. The dream as if as drowsiness, and spent all time from 15 years till 38 years. Here that there more I have pushed on a new life. The medicine did not help me, to me at the nights happened as with small, was wetted in bed.

Love - the big figure! Prophecies will stop also knowledge will stop, and love never. Not as it is strictly told, and , we will keep - other all will be put. It is not necessary to achieve honour and the doctrine, and to watch and search for the Lord, and all scientists will listen to a verb of yours or your saying

And the well-known fragment about essence of the wandering:

Vagabonding - it is necessary only for a certain time - months, and year that or many years. I have much bypassed - I have found wanderers whom not only year, and the whole centuries all go, go, and before they poor things reached that the enemy in them has sown heresy - the most important condemnation, and such steels lazy, careless, from them a little I found, only from hundred one, in the footsteps of The Christ. We are wanderers, all we can badly struggle with the enemy. For weariness is angrily. Here about it also it is not necessary for years and if it is necessary to have a fortress and force on will and to be the deaf person, and sometimes and mute. If all it to keep, inexhaustible kolodez to you appear - a source of water of life.

Source: Life of the skilled wanderer