Fragments of the unknown teaching

In 1915 Uspensky gets acquainted with Georgy Ivanovitch Gurdjiev.

Later he will tell: "at last I have found ezoterical school which searched for 10 years". They agreed that he, Uspensky, will write all that will consider it necessary, without hiding anything from the doctrine, but only that really understands itself.

The next 3 years Uspensky spent with Gurdjiev adopting fragments of teaching and systematising them, actually forming the doctrine of Gurdjiev.

In six years in the book "New Model of the Universe" he has connected three measurements of space to three measurements of time: "3dimentionality - function of our sense organs. Time - is what limits sense organs. The six-measured space - a reality, the world as it is".

It is possible to present Eternity by infinite number of final times ".

It is clear that as he spoke, the system cannot be learnt under books, and the school is necessary; and the school depends on the teacher, whose level of life, knowledge and understanding is distinct from life, knowledge and understanding of pupils.

The Uspensky said his system differed from all other teachings that learnt to life level, and all on it has been constructed.

The idea of levels of life has been expressed by Sufi poet Rumi in the thirteenth century:

I have died as a stone and became a plant.
I have died as a plant and have grown an animal.
I have died as an animal and became the person.
Of that to me to be afraid?
Unless I have been belittled by dying?
Once again I will die as the person to fly up with sacred angels.
But even be an angel I should die.
Everything, except God, dies.

Source: Piotr Demjanovich Uspensky