Piotr Demianovich Uspensky - biography

Piotr Demianovich Uspensky
(05.05.1878 - 02.10.1947)

The famous Russian mystic. Independently studied philosophy, physics and mathematics. Investigated problems of time and the timeless phenomenas.

In 1907, working as the journalist in the Moscow newspaper "Morning" Uspensky has taken a great interest in theosophy.

In 1908 he has undertaken a journalistic trip to the East in search of mystical revelations and visions. Having visited yogas in India he has come to a conclusion that occult wisdom consists in the vigorous activity, instead of in meditation and contemplation that has led him to ideology of mystical sects of Islam(e.g. sufi).

In 1913 Uspensky undertaken a new trip to India where he lived in Adjare in headquarters of the Theosophos society. In Adjare he has got acquainted with German mystic Herman Kezerling with whom has decided to unite and create own mystical society. However these plans were prevented by I WW.

In the spring of 1915 Uspensky has got acquainted with Georgy Gurdjiev, soon becoming his pupil and the assistant.

In October, 1916 Uspensky have called up for military service. After February revolution of 1917 Uspensky has adjoined again the group of Gurdjiev.

In August, 1921 Uspensky has got over to London. In this time Uspensky has generated own pedagogical theory according to which it is impossible to get ezoterical knowledge without familiarising with true pedagogical tradition. According to the theory, true wisdom cannot be got through self-education as for its reception of not enough verbal form of transfer, mystical influence of the person of the teacher and special exercises is necessary.

In 1941 Uspensky, expecting distribution of II WW to all Europe, has moved to the USA, having lodged in New York.

The author of books "Ivan Osokin's Strange life", "In search of wonderful", "New model of the Universe", "The Fourth way", "Psychology and cosmology of possible development of the person", "Conscience: true search", "Tertium organum. A key to world riddles.", "In searches of a new life".

Source: Dmitry Taevsky. "History of Religion."