Years of the first travels

In 1893, having left the wife and children, Grigory Rasputin has gone to wander on holy sites. For some years he has visited laurels and many visible monasteries. After returning in native village Rasputin began to conduct the life of "aged man" far, however, from traditional asceticism

His mighty and sensual temperament constantly demanded strong exciting experiences. He loved wine, women, music, dances, long and interesting conversations.

Religious views of Rasputin were rather original and far not coincided with traditional Orthodoxy.

From his many statements it is visible that he very deeply felt communication of the nature with the Deity and exactly in it searched for perfection.

"Me the nature has learnt to love God and to talk to It", - he spoke often. About churches and priests he spoke by another way: "In a temple of spirit is not present, and it is a lot of letters - but a temple is empty".

Rasputin has been convinced that "God is pleasure and fun". Rigid asceticism of an orthodox monkhood was alien to him.

But living later in Petersburg, he, as it is well-known, did not aspire to destroy the flesh at all.

"To pray to God it is possible in dance as well, as well as in a monastery, to praise it in pleasure for that kindly which He has created, - Rasputin spoke. - And tsar David danced before an ark of the Lord".

Source: Blessing of the aged man of Verkhoturie