Arrival to Petersburg

In 1904 Grigory Efimovich comes to St. Petersburg. He came by an urgent need: money for construction of a new temple in native village Pokrovskoe are necessary.

There he gets acquainted with bishop Sergei (in future the first Soviet patriarch), and through it to bishops Feofan and Germogen. The high church authorities enquire (from precaution) about Grigory Efimovich at his motherland. And soon by a craft of God the sacred wanderer and healer gets to the high society.

It was a time of instability and fear time. In 1905 - 1906 shots and explosions of terrorists rattle in Russia.

"The prophetic person" Grigory in a great demand. "The Lord is mercy ..." - was the favorite phrase of Rasputin at that time.

"The All-Russia father", John of Kronshtadt, created in those days a prayer about Russia: "Oh My God, rescue the People Russian, Church Orthodox in Russia - perish! Everywhere debauchery, everywhere disbelief, blasphemy! My God, all in Your hands, You are an Almighty!"

Source: Oleg Platonov. The truth about G.E.Rasputin