Plot and Rasputin murder

After 1905 in Petersburg's society began to go hearings about the extremely obscene behaviour of Rasputin. Said that, using the huge influence to the empress Alexandra Fedorovna, Rasputin took bribes (monetary and in kind) for advancement of certain projects or for personal careers.

His drunk uproars and real pogroms horrified the population of Petersburg. He strongly undermined imperial authority as said about Grigory Rasputin's and empress too close relations.

Eventually the patience bowl has been overflowed. In the environment of an imperial family a plot against Rasputin was began.

Prince Felix Jusupov (the husband of the imperial niece), Vladimir Mitrofanovich Purishkevich (the deputy of IV State Duma known for the ultraconservative sights) and grand duke Dmitry Pavlovich (the cousin of emperor Nikolay) were its initiators.

On December, 30th, 1916 they have invited Grigory Rasputina in Jusupov palace for a meeting with the niece of the emperor known for the beauty.

In cakes and the drinks, suggested to the visitor, potassium cyanide contained. However poison has not worked.

Impatient conspirators have decided to use absolute means - Jusupov has shot to Rasputin. But his again managed to escape.

When it has run out from a palace, he was met by Purishkevich and the grand duke which in an emphasis have shot "the Siberian aged man". Когда он выбежал из дворца, его встретили Пуришкевич и великий князь, которые в упор застрелили "сибирского старца".

He still tried to rise to the feet, when he have binded, thrust to a bag with cargo and dumped in an ice-hole.

Later criminal opening has shown that Rasputin, already being at the bottom of Neva, desperately struggled for the life, but eventually has choked...

Source: Oleg Platonov. The truth about G.E.Rasputin