Nilus and "Protocols": myths and verity

The second edition of the "Great in small" consisted essentially new section named "AntiChrist as a close political possibility".

In the preface to this section the author writes:

"All efforts of secret and obvious servants of AntiChrist, its conscious and unconscious workers of destruction, are directed now to Russia. The reasons are clear, the purposes are known. They should be known to all believing and true Russia. While our soul alive, while ardent heart fights in a breast, there is no place to a deathly pale phantom of despair ".

In this section Sergey Nilus has placed got to his hands "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion", containing plans of submission of all Christian world under a heel of "selected" nation.

In 1998 Hadassy Ben-Itto published a book devoted the further destiny of "Protocols" and in which the question on authenticity of "Protocols" was scientifically considered.

The author, a lawyer from Israel, has collected valuable materials (main part of them has exclusive character - manuscripts and records of conversations) and has created the interesting and bright book.

She reproduces in detail a background of the process, its course, states the maintenance of performances of witnesses (among them there were such well-known figures, as P.Miljukov, V.Burtsev, G.Sliozberg, S.Svatikov, B.Nikolaevsky).

The court in Bern in 1935 has drawn a conclusion that "Protocols" are a forgery.

They, in particular, show that, most likely, the writer and journalist M.V.Golovinsky is a true author of "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion". As it was established already in the decade of 1920 -30, Protocols are to the large extent plagiarism from the pamphlet of French political writer Maurice Joli "Dialogue in the hell between Machiavelli and Montesquieu of Machiavellist politics in XIXth century"

Source: A.I. Reinblat Nilus and "Protocols": myths and verity