Saint patrons of the city

John of Kronshtadt

Since 1908 the prior of the Andreevsky cathedral in Kronstadt consider as one of sacred patrons of St. Petersburg. Vanja Sergiev as him called in the childhood was born in the Arkhangelsk province in a family of the poor diakone.

From the early years the child saw many griefs, deprivations and sufferings.

In 9 years he has brought to Arkhangelsk in parish spiritual school where he studied perfectly.

In period of live he dreamt to become the missionary, to serve church and Motherland in the distant countries. However instead all life he has lived in Russia and for almost 35 years was the prior of the Andreevsky cathedral where has become famous.

Telling today about sacred John of Kronstadt first of all people reremember his miracles. He rescued incurable patients, at times actually revived already deads. Tens, hundreds such improbable cases are confirmed by different and the most authoritative people.

Blinds after his prayers became able to see, wounds were tightened, and dying revived. The glory about the sacred Farther John rattled across all Russia.

When he served sermons in a cathedral (which contained five thousand persons) the church was always full. People cried, came to ecstasy, loudly admitted the dreams.

And after all Father John wasn't the skilful orator as the well-known lawyers of that time. However he possessed improbably strong gift of belief and saint force which bewitched the listening literally. When he went out of the Cathedral doors behind it the huge crowd ran. And people bit the dust, as before Bible prophet.

Father John was very modest person. He has lived all life in Kronstadt in a very small house with only three small rooms inside. From furniture there was only the most necessary: a rigid bed, a table, some chairs, cases with books.

He slept only 3-4 hours. All rest of the time he devoutly prayed, served in church, met numerous visitors, read letters, went to console, help and rescue.

Father John received huge donations from different people, but all there and then distributed. At he does not remain a penny for himself.

Daily before the beginning of service John bypassed beggars who gathered near the Andreevsky cathedral. Traditionally each 20 persons received personally from his hands on one rouble. These beggars have received a nickname "Children of father John".

To help people was the main business of his life. Saint John at all didn't have a private life, he had never a rest. But he was always vigorous, full of strength and energy.

With whom he spoke, for a long time remembered his precepts. Father John learnt:

  • Tell any truth without doubts, safely, firmly, resolutely. Avoid doubts, shyness and indecision. Our Lord is the Lord of Forces.
  • What means to educate without love Christ? Nothing.
  • Love is a great force: it and ailing does strong, and small - great Such are properties of pure, evangelical Love.

    Father John was the real patriot of Russia. He hated "demons from an underground" in their most different forms, including about what Dostoevsky wrote.

    "Frenzied were before, there are they and now; only nowadays demons operate more hidden and more artful than during old time. And now, however, very much and it is a lot of mad people.

    "Rise, the Russian person! - father John called. Enough! It is enough to drink a bitter bowl full of poison - and to you, and to Russia "

    It is difficult to imagine as Bolsheviks hated him though father John in 1908 has died. Even dead they were afraid of him, afraid of his moral doctrine, his indestructible authority. In our city to his ashes continued to worship secretly even after revolution.

    Source: John of Kronshtadt