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Saint blissful Xenia of Petersburg

Blissful Xenia was born between 1719 and 1730 years. We don't know about her parents, children's and early years. We know only that the father of the Blissful called Grigory.

On reaching 18 y.o. Xenia has married to the court chorister Andrey Fedorovichem Petrov. But it was not for long fated to a young couple to enjoy family happiness: twenty six years old Xenia remained the widow. Her husband has died suddenly.

This tragical event has changed a life of the young woman. Xenia has been deeply shaken by that her husband has died without due Christian preparation and has not had time to repent.

In the day of funeral of the husband Xenia Grigorievna has put on his clothes and said to everybody addressing to her with condolences that not Andrey Fedorovich has really died, but his wife Xenia Grigorevna has died.

From this moment she has really died for the World, having taken up the hardest feat - a feat of God-pleasers.

Relatives and familiars of Xenia believed that the young widow has lost her mind because of the grief which has fallen down suddently to her.

Their suspicions have definitively affirmed, when Xenia has decided to distribute the property which has got to her in the inheritance from the husband.

So, she has presented the house to her friend Paraskeva Antonova.

That did not wish to accept this gift and even asked Xenia's relatives to save her from such act. Relatives have addressed to the city heads and then influential people talked to the widow and have found her in perfect mind and finally decided that she can quite dispose of the property.

Henceforth she had no constant residence in the town. During the days she wandered on a city, basically on the Petersburg Side, near the church of St. Matthew and usially left for a city at night - in the fields - and all night long prayed.

Blissful Xenia with extraordinary mildness took down all mockeries and insults which quite often was transferred to her.

These years on Smolensk cemetery the new stone church for the sake of the Smolensk icon of Theotokos was under construction. The workers working on building of a temple, began to notice suddenly rather strange events.

During their absence at night someone carried bricks to the church construction. And when they have decided to know who is this volunteer assistant they have seen that ii was blissful Xenia works at night, moving bricks on th echurch woods.

For the great feats the Lord has awarded blissful Xenia of a gift of insights.

Particulary, she has predicted the time of death of empress Elisaveta Petrovna (Elisabeth I) and young emperor Ivan Antonovich

Inhabitants of the Petersburg Side noticed that if Blissful Xenia takes on hands the sick child or will bless him or her - it will by all means recover. If takes any trifle from a bench of a merchant - trade will be successful. If she comes into the house in the house the peace and the consent will reign.

Blissful Xenia bore a feat of voluntary madness for almost 45 years and has died about 1803.

On her tomb (on Smolensk cemetery) there was a stone chapel built in due course which serves one of relics of our city by the present day attracting numerous pilgrims.

There is an inscription on the tomb: "Who knew me will remember my soul for saving of the own soul". After long-term national honouring blissful Xenia has been canonised in 1988 by the Russian Orthodox Church.

Source:         Saint blissful Xenia of Petersburg