Pilgrimage to the Sacred Earth

In 1911 Nikolay II has suggested to Rasputin to visit the most sacred places to everyone Christian n the Sacred Earth. He, as well as it is necessary to "the divine person", has agreed and in March, 1911 in group of Russian pilgrims has gone to Jerusalem.

Impressions of Rasputin n the Sacred Earth: "And here tears flow, those days approach, there has come the Lent - will leave a temple, and in temples of this great events were made also The Savior has shed tears. That I tell about that minute when approached to the Coffin of the Christ!...

Here at a coffin you see spiritual heart of all people loving and they houses feel is pleasant ... Oh, what impression is made by Golgotha!

There and then in the Revival temple where the Heaven Empress stood, on that place the round bowl is made and from this place of Madonna looked at Golgotha and cried ...

As you will look at a place where there was Madonna, necessarily tears flow and see before itself as it was... Have led us on the Patriarchal court yard, began to wash feet. My God, what rises in mind a picture. Wash feet, wipe a towel, and tears at believers have poured down, all are amazed by depth of lecture as us learn to reconcile...

His daughter recollects that this ceremony has so amazed him that having returned to Petersburg, he has transferred that ceremony to the own house.

"People have led us to spend the night. But then sang at a coffin "acathistuses on Golgotha". My God, what joy! So heart trembles with affection and tears. Then in the morning at 12 o'clock - a mass also have started singing Easter. Here I have looked around and have told: Paradise terrestrial, do not recede from me, be in me!"

Source: Oleg Platonov. The truth about G.E.Rasputin