Legends of names - death of Peter the First

During flooding of 1724 Peter I was one of the first who has rushed to the aid of inhabitants of Petersburg suffering disaster. Its boat appeared that on one, and on other flooded city street.

Once at rescue of perishing seamen the boat has turned over. Having caught a cold in ice water, Peter I was ill and in some days has died.

But hero-ising of Peter's persons has begun long before its death.

The death of the Great Converter of Russia only has accelerated and strengthened this process, having generated numerous myths and legends, including a legend about his death by cold.

Last flooding which has comprehended Petersburg during the lifetime of its founder, has begun on November, 12th, 1724. The water level has not risen above a mark in 200 centimetres though this level was considered very high in a XVIII century as there were 40 centimetres of lifting enough for Neva has overflowed banks.

Peter as always when he was in Petersburg, took active part in rescue of victims. Probably that the fact stated in a legend, actually took place in that day.

However by then Peter already was ill hopelessly for a long time. His stomach has been spoilt, swelled up feet, often there were rushes of blood to a head "partly owing to non-observance of dietary rules and the unlimited use of hot (alcogolic) drinks".

On January, 25th, 1725 Peter the Great has died from nephritic insufficiency - uraemias.

On February, 13th Peter was buried in Petropavlovsky cathedral which has become since then as a tomb of the Russian emperors.

Source: Three centuries of St.Petersburg: Encyclopaedia