Badmayev and Rasputin

Perhaps, the Rasputin theme became the most scandalous in the biography of Doctor Badmaev. If he was in equal and fine relations with an imperial family, with Rasputin all was far from so equivocally.

Soviet historians, novelists and even famous film producer Elem Klimov, generally not inclined to trust gossips, have made the charlatan-occultist, the court intriguer from Badmaev ... Peter Aleksandrovich's descendants long had more to restore his reputation.

Young second wife of Badmaeva - Elizaveta Fedorovna considered itself guilty in acquaintance of the well-known doctor to Rasputin. It was interesting to her to have a look at the person about whom there was a rumour across all Russia, and Rasputin has some times appeared in the Badmaev house. But friendship between the well-known healer and so well-known "aged man" wasn't happened - opposite, there was an opposition.

It is confirmed with the remained note of Badmaev to Nikolay II "At representation of data on Rasputin": "He plays destinies of bishops, over which fortune Divine. Besides he promotes appointment to ministerial posts of crazy people. For the blessing of Russia and for saving an inner sanctum of orthodox people should accept the serious, deeply thought over measures to eradicate the harm corroding heart of Russia".

The inner sanctum is, of course, an imperial family: Buryat Badmaev as all true sons of the East, was the convinced monarchist and the supporter of rigid board. And after revolution he repeatedly foretold that Bolsheviks will terminate the same. Here he again wasn't mistaken...

ELENA IVANITSKY, ANDREY Gamalov "Piotr Badmaev. Case of the doctor."