"Foundations of Medical Science of Tibet "Zhud-Shi"

Since 1878 Doctor Badmaev closely was engaged in the main business of his life - tranlating of the Tibetan medical treatise "Zhud-Shi".

Long time was considered that the first Russian citizens who have visited the closed Tibetan city of Lhasa (capital of Tibet), there was Badmaev student and pupil Tsybikov.

Meanwhile the first Russian scientist who have visited Lhasa - Peter Aleksandrovich was the first.

Anyway, he managed that seemed to much basically impracticable: Badmaev translated the treatise "Zhud-Shi" on Russian.

The text has been ciphered, direct transfer gave nothing, it was required to find skilled lamas-healers who knew a key to the "code".

It was possible to Peter Aleksandrovich. In 1898 there was first in Russian edition of an ancient Tibetian text with his extensive preface.

In 1991 under the decision of Academy of sciences the one-volume edition of works of Peter Badmaev "Bases of a medical science of Tibet"Zhud-Shi" has been published.

Till the present the third part of "Zhud-Shi" - practical recommendations about manufacturing of precious medicines lies in the closed archive and not published. Badmaev bequeathed this secret to the wife, and in turn she has kept it for future generations. However, for uninitiated person it is no more than useless paper stuff.

But the person who has devoted all life to decoding of the manuscript and studying of medical secrets of Tibet, will understand easily Badmaev' records. But while doctors make a helpless gesture - nobody understands, by means of what he achieved the sensational results (and always documented). However, his books still waits for the hour...

ELENA IVANITSKY, ANDREY Gamalov "Piotr Badmaev. Case of the doctor."