Piotr Badmayev - biography and legend

As the date of his birth Doctor Badmaev in all documents named ... 1810 (he has died in 1920).

His daughter who was born in 1907, assured that at the moment of her birth the father was in the age of hundred years!

However, Brockhaus and Efron famous dictionary names year of his birth: 1849. But no documents confirming this date still found to the present day. And on appearance you could give both 50, and 100 years to the Doctor. He hasn't lost man's force till last days...

In 1854 in Transbaikal region has distributed a awfull illness - a typhus.

The Governor General of Eastern Siberia was Muraviov-Amursku and he has ordered for struggle against epidemic and to find out a local doctor who is the most expert in a medical science of the Tibet. The Buryat Sanhedrim named Tsultim. The family legend says that he demanded a company of soldiers: "Medicines - mine, the soldier - yours. A cordon to hold". Epidemic have stopped.

The governor has written to capital about the unusual healer. In 1857 Tsultim was already in Petersburg, the doctor assistant in Nikolaevsk military hospital. In 1860 he has opened a drugstore of the Tibetan medical products and herbs.

In these years, already mature person, he has made a major decision - to be christened.
He wrote: "I was the Lama-Buddhist, deeply believing and convinced, knew shamanism and shamans, belief of my ancestors. I have left the Buddhism, without despising and without humiliating their sights but only because the doctrine of the Christ of the Savior has got into my feelings with such clearness that this doctrine of the Christ of the Savior has lighted up all my being".

So he had a second, Russian name - Peter. But Badmaev did not break off with the Buddhism: when in Petersburg has been put datsan, the Buddhist temple, Badmaev, the son of the cattleman has taken part in building funding.

His transition in Orthodoxy wasn't a tactical step at all: he has believed sincerely. It is known that in 1881, gathering in the first, two-year trip for the East, to Mongolia, China and Tibet, Badmaev has specially gone to ask blessings of father John of Kronshtadt and has received it.

In 1871 Peter Aleksandrovich has started to study in Mediko-Surgical academy. He has ended this educational institution with distinction, but his medical diploma remained in academy. The matter was that the graduate should swear that will treat means only known to the European science, and Badmaev dreamt to devote himself to a medical science of Tibet which secrets have been collected in the ancient treatise "Zhud-Shi".

As scientist Badmaev closely was engaged in the main business of the life - translation of the Tibetan medical treatise.

In Russia by the end of XIX-th century the medical science of Tibet has won huge popularity. In reception to Badmaevu - exclusively democratic doctor - registered both workers and ministers.

In Brockhaus's encyclopaedia it was told about Badmaev: "Treats all illnesses any special, by-himself prepared powders and also grasses; despite sneers of doctors, to Badmaev the large quantity of patients is flown down".

He did not take any fees, but has received an icon of Kazan Theotokos with brilliants as a gift from the imperial family.

On July, 30th, 1920 Badmaev has died at home, on hands at his wife. Three days prior to death he has refused any treatment. Dying, he has exacted a promise from the wife, what even in day of his death it will not pass reception of patients and will continue its medical business.

Daughters shortly before death of the father saw mysterious light among night in the ancient church standing near of the Badmaev wooden house on Yaroslavl prospect and heard a still enigmatic voice "Waiting for you, my dear Tsultim ..."

Source: ELENA IVANITSKY, ANDREY Gamalov "Piotr Badmaev. Case of the doctor."