Clodts' horses

One of the most known bridges of Petersburg - Anichkov - in the Nevsky prospectus. Its four sculptural compositions - "Person taming a horse" have put this miracle of engineering art in one number with world level masterpieces .

If we are to believe to the old legend, the sculptor of the famous horses at the Anichkov bridge, baron Piotr Karlovich Clodt, enjoyed particular sympathies of the czar Nicolas the First, who was renowned as great lover of riding the horses. Once during the ride, to which also the baron was invited, the sculptors' horse bolted and he hardly managed to cope it.

In this critical moment Peter Karlovich has overtaken the emperor that it was strictly forbidden by the court etiquette.

All have stood, expecting tzar's anger, but he has only laughing and said to Clodt with irony: "Well, the brother, you mould horses more better, than go by them".

And Clodt was pardoned.

Source: N.A. Sindalovsky "Legends of St. Petersburg"