A monument to Nicolas the First

In the very next day after opening of a monument, Petersburgers have seen on a bend of a forward right foot of a horse the wooden tablet on a cord. On a board the inscription deduced by a bright paint was accurately allocated: "you will not catch up!"

It was a popular city proverb: "The fool of the clever catches up, but Isaak disturbs".

The obvious context was so clear to any Petersburger that forced to look back timidly, causing in the confused consciousness the whole chain of associations, hints, memoirs.

The general project of a monument belongs to Monferran. But architects N.Efimov and A.Puaro, sculptors R.Zaleman and N.Ramazanov also participated in its creation.

It has made a certain harm to a general impression from a monument. To perception of the main art idea disturbs magnificent pedestal, decorated with allegorical female figures in which contemporaries learnt lines of the wife and daughters of the emperor.

At the same time the fine sculpture of a horse, with amazing skill put on two thin nervous hind legs, puts forward a monument to Nikolay I abreast the best products of a monumental sculpture.

Source: N.A. Sindalovsky "Legends of St. Petersburg"