Finnish legends about foundation of the city

The legend say: Petersburg could not be constructed on such fenny, disastrous, damned by God place. It simply would sink in parts. And consequently it have entirely erected in the heaven and then cautiously lowered to the earth.

Also: Petersburg was built by the Athlete on abyss. He has constructed the first house of the city - and the abyss has swallowed it. The athlete built the second house - the same destiny. But the athlete does not despond, he builds the third house, and the third house is eaten by malicious abyss.

Then the athlete has reflected, has frowned the black eyebrows, and has wrinkled the wide forehead, and in his black big eyes malicious sparks have lighted up. The athlete thought long and has thought up.

He has spread wide his powerful palm, has constructed on it at once the city and has lowered to abyss. Abyss could not eat the whole city at once, it should obey, and the Peter's city remained alive and whole.

Source: Three centuries of St.Petersburg: Encyclopaedia